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Disclaimer : I do not in anyway, take credit for the ORIGINAL ARTISTRY of the many gorgeous pictures on these pages. I do, however, make them into jigsaw puzzles for others enjoyment. If any of the graphics are copyrighted by you and you don't mind me using them (with permission) and with credit and/or link to you, please let me know.

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1.) I guarantee NO email address is stored on this site.

2.) I will NOT give or sell your email address to any third
party or company.

3.) I will NOT send you any unsolicited mail.

4.) I will NOT send you any newsletters or advertising material.

5.) You will ONLY receive emails from me pertaining to
your puzzle order request.

6.) If you have ordered a jigsaw puzzle or a 3D Cube Screensaver to be sent to another recipient, I will NOT send any unsolicitored mail to that recipient.

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