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Disclaimer : I do not in anyway, take credit for the ORIGINAL ARTISTRY of the many gorgeous pictures on these pages. I do, however, make them into jigsaw puzzles for others enjoyment. If any of the graphics are copyrighted by you and you don't mind me using them (with permission) and with credit and/or link to you, please let me know.

Gold Money Chest
My site is only a "hobby" site. I have not set it up for credit card payments. My preferred method of payment is direct deposit via Internet banking (NZ account) or if you are PayPal registered you may make payment to my PayPal email address [].

When you receive a confirmation of order email, the bank account number and my PayPal email address for payments will be in the email.

1.) I guarantee NO email address is stored on this site.

2.) I will NOT give or sell your email address to any third
party or company.

3.) I will NOT send you any unsolicited mail.

4.) I will NOT send you any newsletters or advertising material.

5.) You will ONLY receive emails from me pertaining to
your puzzle order request.

6.) If you have ordered a jigsaw puzzle or a 3D Cube Screensaver to be sent to another recipient, I will NOT send any unsolicitored mail to that recipient.

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